Matthias Reinmuth

5 September > 24 October 2020

Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain is pleased to present 's fourth solo exhibition « sunny ».

In his latest series entitled Glimpse, Matthias Reinmuth depicts emotional landscapes reflecting the constant flow of sounds and images conveyed by the media and social networks that interfere in our daily lives. Reinmuth describes this series as the representation of the floating moment between two images or two consecutive sounds. The paintings of sunny are the reproduction of these permanent streams, sounds and images that create a feeling of serenity.

Reinmuth explains: “The question about the 0 and 1 came up spontaneously in our short phone conversation when Wayra Schübel explained the Fibonacci sequence to me. My short theory about this in relation to the Glimpse paintings is that every digital storage medium, every pixel is based on the electronic decision of on or off. On a memory chip the electricity is directed to the left with 'on' and to the right with 'off', to put it simply. So, every pixel is 0 or 1, and if it should be colored then perhaps 00110 for red, who knows. In the sequence of the many pixels, a digital image is a sequence of ones and zeros, many digital images are a noise and the glimpse is the background noise of our time, so pure on or off and an infinitely painted sequence of ones and zeros.”

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