Les cimes des Arbres peut être sont des racines buvant les cieux

Pedro Motta

15 march > 10 may 2014

Les cimes des arbres peut-être sont des racines buvant les cieux is the title given to the exhibition of Pedro Motta. The Brazilian artist has created this exhibition specially for the Gallery Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain in Paris.

The works are imbued with the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, which shows the dialogue between culture and nature. The series of photographs, drawings et sculptures becomes a space of experimentation and reflection about landscapes created by manuals and digitals interventions.

The exhibition of March 2014 marks the return of the artist to drawing, photograph was his preferred means of expression for his research started in 1997.

The proposal presented in this exhibition underlines the relation between nature and human interventions. The disproportionate power of nature is seen as fact of singling landscape content in geometric space- it is a place of integration and interaction, which is found all representations and imagination. The work can be considered as the witness of change and movement in the natural landscape. The images are also the way to reveal the changes that occurs before our eyes, although sometimes they are not visible, hidden from views by the daily routine.

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