O Mundo

Carlos Contente

8 September > 11 October 2012

O mundo

"The World", the joy and celebration of life

Carlos Contente creates a dialogue between the impact of urban art and the intimacy of reading a poetic text while maintaining the authenticity of each respective worlds. For his first solo exhibition in Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain, the artist continues the research he began in 2002, at the intersection between the word and the drawing. He multiplies his fields of investigation and circulates between traditional media such as canvas or confronts more dramatical surfaces such as the wall. Always present in the work of Contente, is his alter ego ; a self-portrait that the artist reproduces and defines as a metaphor of his consciousness. Rearranging the environment, he plunges into a world he did not choose, he can only adapt, or reject the change.

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