Jessica Lajard

10 March>28 April 2012

‘‘Scrambled’’ as in scrambled eggs, but also as in a radio signal; that lives as a parasite, that mixes; no unambiguous reading of either the cocktail glass, nor the bottle in the sea which never arrives to the addressee. This exhibition is also of haste, images that are in motion crowd, in an urgency which comes only from themselves, which makes that the wrought iron arrow is going to confront the slice of bread by nailing it definitively against the wall, or that the mouth opens to project an explosive and non recognizable vomit. In Jessica Lajard’s report to domestic elements and to objects food get became a joke and furthermore a diffuse feeling of violence and disgust. However, the outcome is immediately percepted, voiding the pleasure, the gesture of behalf the hand and the choice of the material on behalf of the artist. In doing so the artist revisits the Pop era with vividness and lightness while letting the images and objects divert towards the grotesque.

Anne Rochette

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