Cathy Burghi

10 March>28 April 2012

The title of the exhibition is based on a spanish language word play «des-bordada». It spend us not only to the idea of embroidery but the fact of being literally overwhelmed, invaded. It is a technique which the artist has been using for few years to realize what she calls drawings on thread. The exhibition presents around twenty small format embroideries, large format drawings and «des-bordada» a three-dimensional installation. The title is an echo of the work, a white house suspended in space, without an opening, laying on an organic bed, a tubular pink shape, recalling the idea of intestines. It is as if the body goes out of itself, it is split up and thrown outside of the house. Cathy Burghi’s work bases on a reflection around fetishes: the house, the feminine body, the double figures, the egg and even birds. Every motif translates not only the personal experience of the artist, as woman, but also her exile status.

Julie Crenn

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