What Now?

Pedro Motta | Matheus Rocha Pitta

14 January > 25 February 2012

With « What Now ? » Bendana | Pinel Art Contemporain confronts the views of two artists of the Brazilian emergent scene on our contemporary society.

On one hand, the metaphoric and poetic work of Pedro Motta on the exploitation of nature by the mining companies and on the relation of nature as a singular factor in a landscape contained in an urban space. Three photos of «suspended landscapes » show helium balloons which fly away taking with them big cubes of earth cut out from the ground.

On the other, hand the symbolism contained in the installations of Matheus Rocha Pitta who associates common consumption with its consumer and in doing so, explaining the lack differentiation. Photos, clothes and objects of common consumption are gathered and combined in two installations where the naked consumer, is imprisoned into the same plastic bags which transported the products of her/his everyday life.

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